10 Best PS2 FPS Games Of 2022

10 Best PS2 FPS Games Of 2022

Today’s exciting list is the best PS2 FPS games. Yes, that’s the Playstation 2 and first-person shooters.

Many of my favourite video games are first-person shooters!

The Playstation 2 is one of the best consoles (and controllers!) for first-person shooting. As a result, this list should be pretty awesome.

As you are probably aware, the Playstation 2 remains the best-selling video game console of all time.

With over 4,000 video game titles released for the system, we had plenty of options for this article.

So, without further ado, here are our top PS2 FPS games!

10. Turok: Evolution (2002)

Turok: Evolution provides an answer to the age-old question, “Is there anything cooler than guns and dinosaurs?”

I suppose I could respond to that. But I suppose the Turok franchise clarified everything a long time ago.

Back in 1997, the Turok series was still going strong on the Nintendo 64. I absolutely loved the first two entries on the N64.

The series received a much-needed technological boost with the release of Playstation 2 in 2002.

As a prequel to the original Turok video game, we see our hero Tal’Set in a more story-driven game.

They also had an amazing voice acting cast, including Ron Perlman.

The game has you creeping through jungles with your bow and arrow, hunting dinosaurs, and eventually gaining access to a large range of futuristic weaponry to battle humanoid dino-dudes.

There are even some thrilling pterodactyl riding sequences!

It’s debatable whether it lives up to the original N64 entries. But it was an exciting first-person shooter title on the PS2 at the time, and it laid the groundwork for a 2008 reboot title on the PS3.

As a result, we’d like to recognise Turok: Evolution as one of the best PS2 FPS games from the early 2000s.

9. BLACK (2006)

Black is one of the Playstation 2’s most chaotic and visually intense shooters.

The gameplay combines running and gunning with stealth and cover-type shooting.

You should expect a lot of environmental reaction and destruction every time you fire your weapon.

There is smoke and dust everywhere, as well as gun barrel fire and destructible environments. It all adds up to a tense cinematic experience.

The developers even prioritised realistic gun appearance, feel, and sound.

The game is shorter and does not include a multiplayer mode. Which is disappointing because we would like to see more of Black.

But, for what it does offer, Black is undeniably one of the most exciting and distinct first-person shooters for the PS2.

We wouldn’t be very good reviewers if we didn’t include Black among the best PS2 FPS games.

8. Call of Duty 3 (2006)

Call of Duty 3 was a 2006 WWII shooting game developed by Treyarch, who later became known for the Call of Duty Black Ops series.

Like previous Call of Duty games, you’ll be in the middle of intense combat with a team of AI soldiers by your side in large open areas with numerous paths to take.

And, as we’ve come to expect from most Call of Duty games, multiplayer is where it’s at. There are numerous multiplayer modes available, including online 16-player battle sequences.

Call of Duty 3 exemplifies where first-person shooter titles were in the early and mid-2000s… deep in stereotypical World War II scenes

And guess what? That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Obviously, the media (film, television, books, video games) is captivated by the storytelling possibilities of WWII. And the customers gobble it up.

The real-life WWII stories make for some intense game play. And Call of Duty 3 is a great example of how it can make for a fantastic PS2 experience.

7. Red Faction II (2002)

The highly anticipated sequel to Red Faction is Red Faction II.

It established a series centred on thrilling first-person shooting on Mars. And it was all wrapped up in hilarious, over-the-top action.

The game begins slowly and gradually ramps up the action and comedy as you progress through its unique story. The voice cast includes Jason Statham, among others.

The “geo-mod” ability to destroy the environment is the gimmick that makes a Red Faction game… well… a Red Faction game.

There are numerous enjoyable ways to blast a hole in a wall to create a new path through the world.

This feature isn’t as important as it was in the original title, but it’s still a fun addition to an already excellent first-person shooter.

It’s an entertaining ride, and you’ll almost certainly be laughing your way through the entire story mode.

After that, you can enter the game’s multiplayer mode, which will provide you with even more fast-paced combat.

6. Medal Of Honor: Frontline (2002)

EA’s Medal Of Honor: Frontline is a WWII-themed combat game.

And, despite the fact that this was the first Medal of Honor title created without its creator, Steven Spielberg, the game has a very cinematic feel to it.

You will undoubtedly feel as if you are inside a highly detailed war film. The game starts with the storming of Normandy.

But it’s not all smashing and banging and shooting. During battle, you are actually in close proximity to your fellow soldiers and exchanging dialogue with them.

So, as I previously stated, it’s all very cinematic and detailed.

Of course, you use period-appropriate weaponry, complete with appropriate clunkiness and imperfection.

Medal of Honor: Frontline was one of the best-selling PS2 games of all time, earning numerous nominations and awards.

And now it has received one of the highest accolades… a place on our list of the best PlayStation 2 FPS games!

5. Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game Of The Movie (2005)

The best movie adaptation to a video game for the Playstation 2 is Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game Of The Movie (that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?)

As you’re probably aware, most film adaptations are rushed, resulting in underwhelming video games.

The 2005 video game “King Kong” completely defies this stereotype!

Peter Jackson, the film’s director, collaborated closely with Ubisoft to create a truly cinematic gaming experience.

In addition, the video game adaptation includes the film’s entire cast for voice acting, including Jack Black and Naomi Watts.

The game’s design places an emphasis on atmosphere and immersion, and there is no on-screen HUD (it can be turned on in the settings if you hate that).

And don’t worry, the game gives you exactly what you want: the ability to play as both the human protagonist and Kong.

The Kong levels are played in third-person perspective, allowing you to smash your way through the jungle and battle other monsters on the island.

King Kong, the official game based on Peter Jackson’s film… whatever it’s called… It was a huge success in terms of both sales and reviews.

It is still widely regarded as the best film adaptation of a video game. And we believe it is one of the best PS2 FPS games of all time.

4. Half-Life (2001)

Half-Life, Valve’s smash first-person shooter, probably doesn’t need an introduction. But we’ll do it regardless.

This epic game was created by Valve, a newly formed company founded by former Microsoft employees.

Valve licenced id Software’s Quake and Quake II game engines and combined their favourite parts of each to create their own custom engine to create their ideal first-person shooter.

Half-Life is a clever blend of shooting, exploration, and puzzle-solving. All of this is paired with fantastic storytelling and novel ideas for the genre.

Instead of cutscenes, you experience Half-story Life’s entirely in real time (there is only one short cutscene in the entire game).

Valve set out to completely reimagine how a first-person shooter game was presented, and they succeeded admirably.

Half-Life was first released for the PC in 1998. And it was an instant sensation.

The Playstation 2 port was released in 2001, with several improvements to the game, including the exclusive cooperative multiplayer mode “Decay.”

So you get not only one of the best video games ported to the Playstation 2, but it’s also arguably better than the original release!

Half-Life is widely regarded as one of the most influential first-person shooter titles of all time, as well as one of the best video games ever made.

3. Killzone (2004)

I recall the first time I encountered the incredible video game title Killzone.

It was shortly after I purchased my Playstation 2 that I learned about Guerrilla Games’ revolutionary first-person shooter.

Of course, you’re familiar with them from the more recent Horizon franchise. But it was one of their first games, Killzone, that propelled them to success.

Killzone boasted graphics and mechanics never seen before on the Playstation 2, and many were eager to dive into the game dubbed the “halo killer.”

Though Killzone was one of the most anticipated FPS games for the Playstation 2, the game received mixed reviews when it was released.

Some people were not as impressed as they had hoped. But I’m here to offer a different viewpoint…

As someone who went into the game with no expectations, I was blown away by the experience.

Actually, that may not be selling it well enough. It completely blew me away!

Needless to say, I was sold on the Killzone franchise and eagerly anticipated the sequels.

Guerrilla Games established itself as a leader in action video game titles with the original Killzone title. And we should be grateful to Killzone for all of this.

Thank you very much, Killzone. You were absolutely fantastic.

2. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (2005)

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a fantastic first-person shooter title from the genre’s masters, DICE.

As with any good DICE game, we get an incredibly diverse set of game mechanics to experiment with:

You’ll be walking, racing buggies, driving tanks, riding on boats, flying helicopters, parachute-dropping into warzones, controlling mounted machine guns, and there’s a really cool transport mechanic where you warp into the body of another soldier on the battlefield.

Keep in mind that each of these will necessitate the creation of their own entire systems by the developers. And each control is completely unique and feels very realistic for the mode.

And it’s all on the Playstation 2. It appears to be a PlayStation 3 game.

Combat is chaotic, exciting, varied, and absolutely stunning.

DICE is, in my opinion, the best developer of first-person shooter games, and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a prime example of their mastery of all things combat-focused.

So I give it a spot on today’s best PS2 FPS games without hesitation.

1. TimeSplitters 2 (2002)

The verdict is in, and TimeSplitters 2 is the best PS2 FPS game of all time!

What you may not know about the history of Free Radical Design and TimeSplitters is that the majority of the original team was recruited directly from Rare and the GoldenEye 007 development team.

The variety of time periods you will encounter in a TimeSplitters title is one of its main selling points, each tackled through the eyes of a new character.

And, of course, there are silly cutscenes, fast-paced combat, a slew of unique weapons, and more dynamic objectives than in the previous title.

The gunplay is reminiscent of GoldenEye 007 or Perfect Dark. And if you’ve ever played either of those games, you know how entertaining they can be.

TimeSplitters has three levels of difficulty because it is a fairly difficult game. Even in the easiest setting, you may find yourself wanting to hurl your controller at the television.

The levels are large and diverse, offering a wide range of unique objectives as time periods and locations change. Expect to spend a significant amount of time in each area.

The Arcade League is one of the most popular features. There are numerous unique game challenges to complete, which is perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the TimeSplitters games.

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