Pokemon Ascent

Pokemon Ascent

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Ascent GBA ROM

  • Creator: TeaRisten
  • Version: Alpha v5
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: August 27, 2022

Pokemon Ascent is a GBA ROM Hack by TeaRisten based on Pokemon Emerald. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on August 27, 2022.

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Ascent is a combat-focused rush of trainer battles with roguelike-inspired progression. The gameplay loop lacks the adventure side of the normal pokemon experience, in favor of refined competitive battles. You start at the bottom of the tower with three starter pokemon and progressively make your way from floor to floor, earning currency to upgrade pokemon and items. Each floor has a variety of quality-of-life features to get your team ready for the next gauntlet without the regular headache of grinding. See if you have what it takes to ascend to the top!


  • Every floor has unique battles which must be completed in sequence to progress
  • Losing resets the floor battles. The flow is: prep->complete all battles without a pause->progress to the next floor
  • Alternating single/double battle floors
  • Rotating trainer teams. Trainers have additional pokemon and may switch them out randomly between attempts. Operates on a slot-by-slot basis.
  • All pokemon up to gen 8
  • Mostly up to gen 7/8 battle mechanics, items, moves, abilities, with some adjustments and additions.
  • 3 different currency rewards at the end of each floor.
  • The same shops on every floor.
  • Battle points: Pokemon shop, convert to a shiny shop
  • Money: Held items shop, TM shop
  • Heartscales: Move relearner shop. Egg moves will be added to learnsets as needed to keep things tidy.
  • Free: Nature adjuster, ev adjuster, ev reseter
  • Choose one starter of every type.
  • A built-in Nuzlocke mode. Receive a gift on every floor from that floor’s new pokemon. Pokemon automatically removed when fainted. You will lose their held item.
  • 3 difficulty settings that adjust ev/iv amounts for trainers.
  • No bag used in battle.
  • No money loss on lost battle.
  • Forced set mode.
  • Held items restored between battles.
  • All of the player’s pokemon have perfect IVs and always start with ability 1.
  • No exp. All pokemon are level 50.
  • Room battle hints. Talk to the trainers on each floor for a small amount of information regarding their strategy.
  • Bag sort
  • Evs on the status menu (press ‘a’)
  • PC from the start menu
  • ~20 custom abilities, some may not be on any available pokes yet though.
  • ~5 custom items
  • Poison now reduces Sp. Attack
  • A few new natures with either multiple boosts or double boosts
  • Hail boosts ice defense by 1.5x
  • Reduced button prompts for cleaner battles and menus. No more spam clicking ‘a’ in battle.

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Planned Features

  • 6 total areas for 30 total floors. Currently at 3 areas with 15 total floors
  • Pokeball swapper NPC
  • A custom tileset
  • A custom stat editor UI
  • A custom battle UI


Alpha v5

  • Added welcome NPCs for new areas.
  • Added gen8 speed calc mode.
  • Added nature preset mode.
  • Added custom ferrothorn shiny.
  • Added custom item icon and renamed trick room item to the magic hat.
  • Added battle count/crits/misses record tracking.
  • Added EV display to stat screen.
  • Moved nature to the stat screen.
  • Easy difficulty – all trainers use serious nature.
  • Added all custom moves to learnsets.
  • Added all moves previously lacking effects/animations to learnsets.
  • Added animations for all moves lacking one. Some new, some duplicates.
  • Can now swap berry/tm bag order.
  • Updated berry/tm bag UI.
  • Swapped Avalanche tm for Sheer Cold tm (works like Will-o-Wisp).
  • Prevent party menu hold cursor moving.
  • Tons of move/item/ability changes. Too many to list. See official documentation.
  • Tons of bug fixes.

Alpha v3

  • Separate Nuzlocke Into Permadeath & Random Encounter.
  • Implemented New Battles, Evo, Boosting Items.
  • New Peek Battle Option Added.
  • Reworked On Battle Item Effects & Berry Healing Effects.
  • Boosted Pokemon Abilities Based On Stats.
  • Removed BP Gifts & Added Some More Battle Adjustments.
  • Fixed Some Pokemon Abilities.
  • More Bug Fixes!

Useful Stuff

Also, be sure to try out Pokemon Dark Rising Kaizo



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Previous Versions


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  • Tearisten: The main designer and coder
  • Jeis27 and Memeos: For input on designs and suggestions
  • Freebird5678 and EmeraldStatllion: For testing and feedback
  • DizzyEgg: colored natures
  • DizzyEgg and Dr. Pop: Scrolling Multichoices
  • PokemonCrazy: iv/ev display
  • ROM Hacking Hideout: pret emerald expansions. The MVP here. Porting and spriting all new pokemon and battle mechanics is way more than a one man job I would never even attempt by myself. Emerald hacks will never be the same.
  • Mkol103: Remove low health beep
  • TheXaman: DS Style party menu
  • Hestia: Force set mode
  • Paccy: unlimited tm use
  • Zeturic: Party screen wrap
  • ghoulslash/skelli: bag sort
  • ghoulslash: disable bag use in battle
  • avara: remove starting potion from pc, change starting money, scripting tutorials, pokecommunity forum guides
  • Jaizu: skip rayquaza intro, remove contest move screen from pokemon summary
  • Lunos: replace any movie
  • Hiroshi Sotomura: remove save confirmation
  • GriffinR: map transition explanation from pret discord
  • BuffelSalt: for ev increase, reset special function & nature change function, as well as nature not being linked to personality, parental bond implementation(I think this was taken from skelli’s CFRU). All extra tms post 50 implementation. Inclement emerald gave me so much inspiration.
  • AsparagusEduardo: one time tm shop buy
  • MGriffin: Troubleshooting help
  • surskitty: trainer_control
  • soupercell: bullrush ability and lots of inspiration from radical red
  • Mkol103: battle frontier adventure was a huge inspiration
  • StarsMmd: tons of inspiration, especially for the trick room on switch ability. Also for being my rom hacking hero. XG is a masterpiece and my favorite rom hack.
  • Skelli and the Unbound team: CFRU and DPE were my playground before I found poke emerald expansion. Unbound is the GOAT.
  • Anyone who helped with the emerald decomp and members of the PRET discord