Pokemon Astra Adventures 2

Pokemon Astra Adventures 2

Download Pokemon Astra Adventures 2 RPGXP FanGame

Pokemon Astra Adventures 2 is an RPGXP FanGame by Charizardthree made using Pokemon Essentials & RPG Maker XP. in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on March 6, 2022.

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Pokemon Astra Adventures 2 is a completely remade version of the original Astra Adventures.
It offers a more refined story with better tiles, mapping, eventing, etc…

Astra Adventures is set to feature more than just the Kanto region this time around which again will be completed over a few installments.


Join Professor Oak’s trainer program, travel the region of Kanto, collect Pokemon to complete the Pokedex, and win 8 Gym Badges to earn the chance to battle against the Kanto region’s Elite Four.

On your journey, you will meet new trainers, both friends, and foes. You may even have to save the world. Who knows what will happen there?


  • 8 Gym Badges (for now)
  • Multiple Rivals
  • New Evil Team
  • Mega Evolution
  • Regional Variants (Alola, Galar, Hisui)
  • Extended Kanto Dex (Now includes Pokemon like Electivire and Kleavor) + A few special additions
  • Brand New Movepools for every Pokemon in the Pokedex
  • Brand New Fan Made Moves
  • Over-World Wild Pokemon Encounters
  • New designs for Areas of Kanto
  • Brand New Weather and Terrain setting Items to help with battle combos
  • New Evolution methods for Pokemon who would previously Evolve Via Trading
  • New TM and TR list
  • Air Taxi to replace Fly
  • Following Pokemon


Pokemon Astra Adventures 2

Note: Be sure to visit their official RelicCastle thread to show your support and as any queries, you have about the game.

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