Pokemon Balanced Sapphire

Pokemon Balanced Sapphire

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Balanced Sapphire GBA Rom

  • Creator: iKola
  • Version: Beta
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: March 21, 2018

Pokemon Balanced Sapphire is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by iKola based on Pokemon Sapphire in English. And It is now available to download. It was last updated on March 21, 2018.

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About a decade and a half ago, a wealthy scientist lived in a cave in Kanto prefecture. He owns a villa, and he keeps a laboratory in the basement. Giovanni, the young scientist, was a friend. Giovanni is a Pokemon enthusiast and one of the Kanto Gym Leaders. Giovanni has enchanted the legendary Pokémon. And it was something other than Mau that drew him in. According to this scientist, Mr. Fuji is also a middle-aged man who abandoned the Pokemon.

Because Giovanni, Fuji, and a group of scientists were all interested in the legend of Pokemon, after extensive research, Giovanni, Fuji, and a group of scientists, Huawei was a small island. Legendary Pokemon, the Hoenn Region’s island is not far away. The group decided to leave the Kanto area after a few weeks of futility, but they will be late because Mount Fuji is missing. He found it a few hours later, in front of Mew, the legendary Pokémon. Mr. Fuji realised catching it was a bad idea, but the rest of the group decided to go ahead with it anyway. That day is the 5th of July. After the group returns to the offshore island, we will recreate the legendary Pokémon captured. I don’t work because Mr. Fuji is against it, but I will keep a diary scattered throughout the mansion. On February 6, cloned human embryos were created normally, and the birth of a new Pokemon Mewtwo was recorded. For months after Mewtwo emerged from the Mew, it continued to grow and outperform the scientists.

They finally realised Mewtwo had become so powerful that he had killed more than half of the scientists. Mewtwo set fire to the entire mansion/lab on September 1st; the rest of the scientists did not make matters worse and tended to be vicious.


  • Changed starters, moves
  • Pokemon’s types are modified and changed
  • New methods of evolutions
  • Trainers and Gym leaders are stronger



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