Pokemon Cosmic Emerald Version

Pokemon Cosmic Emerald Version

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Cosmic Emerald Version GBA Rom

  • Creator: SkyVortex
  • Version: December 24, 2019 update
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: December 24, 2019

Pokemon Cosmic Emerald Version is primarily a “quality of life improvement” ROM hack that does not alter the main plot. It retains all of the features of the original Emerald, but adds a few new ones to make it more fulfilling and enjoyable to play. Remember when there were myths about going to the Moon after a certain number of rocket launches/weeks? Several such things will be considered, but with some modifications/twists in how they are carried out. There is a moderate increase in difficulty (not a significant increase, just aimed more at veteran players), but there are rewards to compensate.

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Only a few newer-generation features have been added, as I wanted to keep the gameplay as close to the pre-2007 scene as possible while also adding a few functional improvements from newer games. However, I may include a few newer-generation Pokémon as special appearances/events in the distant future. Apparently, expanding the PokéDex may cause the game to require its own exclusive saves only, but I believe that will be fine as long as the hack’s saves are not used in conjunction with the regular Emerald saves (or vice-versa, I think). Keep in mind that if I ever release an expanded-Dex version, it might not be compatible with a save file from the regular version of this hack. In any case, I will continue to update the regular one and release it if that is the case. I’d also try to find a way to make the old saves work with the new one.

Description (from author)

I first released it at PHO, then brought it to PokéCommunity (due to several requests), and now it has arrived at Silph Co. – which will now serve as its home base. I hope you have a good time with it!

Okay, so this hack has been in the works for a long time, having been worked on in small steps since I first learned about ROM hacking several years ago. I’m not sure what year it was (perhaps 2010?).

It had been put on hold several times due to life-stuff, and I had even redone it from the beginning a couple of times to find and remove any and all glitches/errors; I spent the majority of the time figuring out the most minimalistic/efficient ways to implement everything. It’s finally here, and the most recent update includes nearly all of the features I had planned!

To quickly and easily identify the source of any errors, a change-log (different from this one) has been kept that documents every single change that has been made (as well as dates-of-editing, revisions, and future ideas). To avoid glitches, programme selection and implementation were carefully considered. I’m also attempting to preserve the save-data structure of the base ROM so that the regular Emerald’s game saves are ‘backwards/forwards’ compatible (originally for testing scripts, graphics, etc.). This could change in the future, but only on a different branch of this project.


  • PRNG glitch has been fixed
  • All 386 Gen 1-3 Pokémon available
  • New Evo Stone that evolves Trade-Evo Pokémon
  • More Roaming Legendaries
  • Events based on Day/Night and game completion status
  • Events/Legendaries have signature themes
  • Mirage Island relevant for PokéDex completion
  • Day & Night System
  • Upgraded B/W Repel System
  • TMs are re-useable
  • Pokéballs are re-useable until capture
  • Pokémon receive EXP on captures
  • EVs cap at 252
  • Steeper difficulty curve
  • Running when indoors


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