Pokemon Cursed

Pokemon Cursed

Reidd’s Pokemon Cursed is a special pokemon rom hack of Pokemon Fire Red. This rom is only available in English, and the main character must play the lead role. The main goal of the game is to control the Ghost pokemon while battling a slew of trainers. Some unique battle system features have been added, distinguishing the game from all other Pokemon rom hacks. Unfortunately, instead of the four moves, there is only one move that you can use, and that move is called Curse. Let’s move on and look at the game’s amazing features before downloading it.

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Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Cursed Version
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
  • Remake by: Reidd.
  • Language: English.

Complete Overview of Pokemon Cursed GBA:

The game includes a new gameplay mode with numerous new features such as moves and new pokemon. Some unavoidable changes occurred as a result of the games being developed for a different system, as well as changes that occurred when using the generation 3 engine. These are mostly changes to how the game runs, looks, and sounds, so the majority of these changes are due to the way Ruby and Sapphire run. I’m teasing the nature of remakes because these games are essentially built on top of them. I hope that makes sense, so there’s a massively updated overworld, sprites that move animations, and just about everything else you can think of that can’t. I stick to the layout from Generation 1, but everything is much more colourful and detailed because the Game Boy Advance was capable of displaying so much more. Also, consider downloading Pokemon Obsidian Black (100 percent Working)

Because it is generation 3, each Pokemon has its own menu sprite, and the sound pomp of fire and leafgreen is completely different from what it was in generation 1. Take a listen to this one, which is giving a lot of old tracks new life. For example, because GBA games can only communicate fully with other generation three games, no trading with Jen’s 102 is possible. This should go without saying, but because these games run on the generation 3 engine, we don’t get any of the infamous glitches from the original. So no missing, no Mew, and certainly no glitch cities here as the Pokemon begins a calculated of change to. I’m not sure why, but these unseen staffs are known as determine values or DVS in generations 1 and 2, and Ivy’s in generations 3 and 4.

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About Pokemon Changes:

Each Pokemon now has a personality value, which determines even more traits introduced in Generations 2 and 3. This would include shininess, the pokemons’ villa see nature, and, of course, gender, which Vidya finds perplexing. To say the least, Pokemon must be having a difficult time deciding what to do with these stories. This agenda difference is now referred to as a split evolution line, but because they are already established. Pokemon is just awkward, and you can also play as this girl – who has never been given an official name. However, everyone simply refers to her as Leafs will go with at random trainers.

We now have names like in genteel, which is a good thing because otherwise, we wouldn’t have youngster been firered and LeafGreen have the same set of moves as Ruby and Sapphire. That’s an extra 190 than in red and blue. The TM list is also the same as the TMS list for ravine sapphires moves. Instead of sorting by move tutors, sort by the moves bites and attack karate chop and gust on our dark ground fighting and flying-type moves. Pokemon can carry items, and the friendship star is another thing that leads us to our next point. Pokemon can now evolve into new evolutions that were not available in Gen 1, though the way they handle friendship-based ones is rather awkward. It’s great that they made the evolution items a post-game thing to avoid confusion with the regional pokedex. But because the friendship star is something that just kind of runs throughout the entire game like the Pokemon Crono Download (100% Working), they couldn’t just turn it off for the main storey, so guess what they did to fix it? They let the evolution scene play out normally. Then they just stopped it with a bunch of question marks, as if they didn’t know what else they could have done for a first-time player. This is quite perplexing; I remember playing G with a goal when I was younger, and it began doing this in the Elite Four. I didn’t know what to think about the two new types from generation to dark and steel, which also distinguish these games from the originals. Especially since two Pokemon from Generation One, Magnemite and Magneton, will evolve into electric steel types. Also, check out Pokemon Marble Download.

Also, be sure to try out Pokemon: A Grand Day Out

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Cursed Version:

  • Having a new gameplay.
  • Several new moves and movesets.
  • Special new graphics and animations.
  • Some new pokemon and plots.
  • The region is quite new.
  • Pokedex is vast.
  • Over 300 pokemon.
  • Sound System is amazing.



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