Pokemon Emerald 2 Download

Pokemon Emerald 2 Download

Pokemon Emerald 2 is one of the best editions of Pokemon Emerald Version, allowing us to revisit the Hoenn Region with some gameplay changes. The main character has a lot to do because he is the newcomer in this area, and Professor Birch will also give you a pokedex and your first pokemon.

Download Pokemon Emerald 2 Free for all GBA fans, because you have another chance to enjoy the gaming experience of the pokemon emerald version. Some new additions, such as new objects and graphics, are included in the game, making it more unique and eye-catching than any other pokemon rom hack.

Are you curious about the special features that drew so much attention to the game during its initial release? Stay with us as we take a look at some of the best features and changes available in this game.

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Game Full Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Emerald 2 Version GBA
  • Platform: GBA
  • Developer: Lumma
  • Last Updated: April 2018

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Emerald 2 GBA Download:

Did you play the Emerald Version of Pokemon Games? I’m sure you did, which is why you’re looking for this game. This is, without a doubt, one of the coolest additions to the original emerald version. In terms of the game plot, it is as expected; however, there are numerous changes available in the storyline of this game for which the game is known.

The main character is a newcomer to the area of Hoenn, where various Pokemon species live, and they are looking for a good guide and trainer as well. You will first have the opportunity to meet Professor Birch. Following that, you must complete a number of missions and minor tasks, which I believe are critical to completing on time rather than moving around.

Professor Birch, on the other hand, is one of the nicest men the character has ever met. When you first meet Professor, he will give you the pokedex so that you can finish it on time, as well as the first starter pokemon from the Pokemon Dusk ROM. The starters differ in shape and number, and there are three of them; whichever you choose, simply choose from them, and your opponent will choose from the rest.

Opponents are insane because they have more power to attack you and your team. The graphics of the game are simply mind-blowing, as you do not have the opportunity to experience the best amount of graphics in the older version of Emerald. All of the small and insignificant details now have the best display and graphics in this version.

Know about the Rival:

Are you curious about your opponent, who he or she is? Where does he/she belong? Then you’ll be surprised to learn that your opponent is none other than Professor Birch’s son/daughter, who gave you the pokedex and your first pokemon in Pokemon Moon Emerald.

It is now a tragedy for you that you must compete with your rival in locating some cool pokemon in the area as well as defeating the bad people around you. Knowing and judging your opponent is one of the skills you will need to work on now that you are focusing on solving the problems of this hoenn region.

Opponents and the Evil Organization:

Opponents are extremely powerful due to mysterious powers, but you know what? You can deal with them by honing your own abilities. There is an evil organisation in this area that is destroying the peace. It is your responsibility as a hero character to confront and defeat them on time.

The evil organisation is being pushed to do more evil deeds by some mysterious powers. In any case, how you manage them and the tactics you employ to defeat them are entirely up to you.

The game’s graphics are really awesome, and they play a big role in making the game a big hit and having a huge fan club. All of the small items are nicely displayed and coloured. The battle effects are all new and include a slow-motion effect.

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Emerald 2 GBA Download:

  • New Storyline.
  • Rival is son/daughter of Professor Birch.
  • Professor will give the pokedex and first pokemon.
  • Complete the Pokedex on time.
  • Best Black and White Repel system available.
  • Having adjusted stats and perfect gameplay.
  • ORAS Easy Berry Planting System.
  • Background music is awesome.
  • Pokemarts and Pokecenter.
  • Access some new routes available in the Hoenn region.
  • The shiny rate doubled to match later generations.
  • Base items can be accessed secretly.

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