Pokemon Experimental Red

Pokemon Experimental Red

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Experimental Red GBA Rom

  • Creator: Rashaun317
  • Version: Demo
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon Experimental Red is s Pokemon GBA ROM Hack by Rashaun317 based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. And It is now available to download. 

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You’re just a regular Joe who aspires to be one of four elite champions. You are unlikely to succeed. Although your neighbours’ joke appears to be from an island paradise, you are in one of the poorest parts of the world. Prof. They have done some illegal work on Pokemon as a result of a variety of decisions in order to keep the cash flow going so that you can compete soon. Winter and summer courts played a significant role in their work, but they refused to admit it due to political considerations. As a result, genetically modified Pokemon exist. The East and West Courts have decided to dismiss all of the GMPs arrested as abusive. Unfortunately, there are three more throw outs for every one. Not to mention that catching them is difficult.

A legendary pokemon story that never ends can also be found on the other side of the Dravainia Wall. Their strength is unrivalled, and they were born without men. His existence has never been confirmed by a trainee. Coaches, particularly those who had just returned from the field, abruptly exited the game. Because the competition is so fierce and money is so difficult to come by, you must fight to acquire POTION. It was unfortunate that some POKEMON Centers had already begun to consider charging for pokemon healing. You’re all right with Prof. Oak, right? It has nothing to do with you. I mean, you want to beat four elites and live in luxury instead of a deserted neighbourhood with 90% of the world… Unfortunate events do not always occur on purpose…


  • Maps are re-designed
  • Added Fairy-Type to the list of Pokemon
  • Catch Pokemon will not be easy
  • Mine the gold
  • Prime-Mega Pokemon added
  • New starters
  • Newer Pokemon from the later generations
  • There are also Fakemon



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