Pokemon Fire Red Extreme Randomizer

Pokemon Fire Red Extreme Randomizer

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Fire Red Extreme Randomizer GBA Rom

  • Creator: SKR (me)
  • Version: Completed

“What the heck is Pokemon Fire Red Extreme Randomizer?” I’m sure some of you are wondering. It is, in fact, exactly what its name implies. It’s the same Pokémon Fire Red we all know and love, but here’s the twist: all of the pokemon spawns, typing, moves, move typing, and even colour palettes have been completely randomised!

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What’s been Randomized?

  • Wild Pokemon
  • Trainer’s parties
  • Pokemon Types/Moves/Abilities
  • Evolutions

I also wanted to randomise the colour palettes, but I couldn’t find a programme that would let me do so. I’ll keep looking for it, and when I do, I’ll make another Fire Red Randomizer.

Nuzlocke Rules (If you want to try)

  • All Pokemon that you catch must be nicknamed.
  • Only the first Pokemon you encounter on a new route or area can be caught.
  • If a Pokemon passes out, it is considered dead and cannot be used again.

More about Pokémon Fire Red

Pokemon FireRed Version is a remake of the 1996 Game Boy role-playing video game Pokemon Red released in 2004. It was created by Game Freak and released for the Game Boy Advance by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo.

FireRed’s silent protagonist is a young boy who lives in Pallet Town, a small town. After embarking on a journey and venturing alone into the tall grass, a voice warns players to come to a halt. Professor Oak, a well-known Pokémon researcher, informs the player that this type of grass is frequently the habitat of wild Pokémon, and that encountering them alone can be extremely dangerous. He invites the player to his laboratory, where they meet Oak’s grandson, another Pokémon Trainer. Both the player and their opponent are given the task of selecting a starter Pokémon for their journey. The opponent then challenges them to a Pokémon battle with their newly acquired Pokémon and continues to battle the player throughout the game.

When the player arrives in the next city, he or she is assigned the task of delivering a package to Professor Oak. They are given a Pokédex, a high-tech encyclopaedia that records the entries of any captured Pokémon, when they return to the laboratory. Oak then requests that the player assist him in realising his dream of compiling a complete list of all Pokémon in the game.

The player will come across special establishments known as Pokémon Gyms while exploring the region’s cities. Gym Leaders can be found inside these structures, and the player must defeat them in a Pokémon battle to obtain a Gym Badge. After earning a total of eight badges, the player gains access to the Pokémon League, which is made up of the region’s best Pokémon trainers. There, the player will compete against the Elite Four. Throughout the game, the player must also contend with the forces of Team Rocket, a criminal organisation that takes advantage of Pokémon. They devise a number of schemes to steal rare Pokémon, which the player must foil while meeting and defeating the organization’s boss Giovanni.


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