Pokemon FR Advanced Challenge

Pokemon FR Advanced Challenge

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon FireRed Advanced Challenge Rom

Creator: Devlain

Version: v1.12.3

Hack of: FireRed

Updated: January 26, 2021

Pokemon FR Advanced Challenge is basically, an FR Hack Rom with a lot of balance to make all Pokemon relevant and useful and with the addition of more interesting and challenging double battles.

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  • Changes were made to help and improve all those Pokemon that never shone in either VGC or Smogon
  • Enjoy new and challenging double battles with new movesets and items
  • All Kanto Pokemon are obtainable, plus 94 Johto Pokémon without the need of trading
  • All abilities commonly considered boring or useless were replaced
  • All Pokémon received up to one egg move in their learn sets
  • Starter comes with Exp. Share
  • Pokemon are generated with perfect IV
  • Infinite TMs
  • National DEX at the beginning
  • Evolutionary Stones purchasable in Celadon City
  • Gen V Repel system
  • Dark Tunnel doesn’t require Flash

Also, be sure to check out Pokemon Frontier Adventure



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