Pokemon Gemstone Download

Pokemon Gemstone Download

Charizardthree created Pokemon Gemstone with Pokemon Essentials and RPG Maker XP. Pokemon Gemstone is the same as Pokemon Emerald, but with Pokemon Gem Pokemon! Pokemon that have been saved in the Memory Keys. The REAL Pokemon are still present in the game, but they cannot be obtained through normal means. Gem Pokemon will be shiny, have a great move set, and their level will be maxed out.

Pokemon Gem Pokemon can only be obtained through the Pokemon Memory Keys or the Pokemon Trade Changer (or PokeGems for short), and they are always in Hyper Mode at Level 100!

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Complete Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Gemstone.
  • Platform: PC
  • Type: Fan Made
  • Release Year: 2021

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Gemstone PC Version:

Pokemon from each region are now available in all six regions, so you can now obtain an Arceus from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl! Pokemon now have their own stats; Pikachu and Charmander, for example, have a slow speed but a high attack. Shiny Pokemon Gem Pokemon with special abilities or movesets can also exist! Pokemon Memory Keys are the new name for the memory keys. They function normally, and all Pokemon stored in them continue to obey your commands once you retrieve them. The Big Key has gained new capabilities, allowing it to hold more Pokemon than ever before. In addition to being able to hold up to 150 people,

Pokemon Trade Changer and features:

Pokemon trading is made a LOT easier with the Pokemon Trade Changer! You can trade Pokemon without using the cable linking systems found in other games. The Pokemon TCG card game returns from the Gold and Silver Versions, but it has been improved for added fun: Pokemon TCG will return, with all of the Pokemon and attacks from Gens 1-6 (except for some 6th gen, which is still being worked on).

The Trainer Card system will allow you to change your trainer profile based on how you play your game (i.e. Pokemon Trainer, Pokemon Breeder, Pokemon Ranger etc.) You will have more than one Pokemon Type to use in attacks (for example, Pokemon based on their stats [Speed/Attack], Pokemon based on weather conditions, and Pokemon based on what they are [Fire Pokemon because of the power boost from a Sunny Day, or Water Pokemon if it’s raining]). The Gym Leaders and E4 will now be able to use Pokemon from all six regions! Prepare for your most difficult challenge yet!

Understanding the Plot and Gym Leaders:

The plot is similar to that of Emerald Version, but with approximately 30 additional cutscenes that will immerse you further in the game. If you sift through the screenshots on this site carefully enough, you might even find some that relate to those events! You’ll begin your Pokemon journey in Littleroot Town once more, with the Pokemon Professors’ Lab right behind you.

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The Pokemon Gyms have their own theme around them:

The Pokemon Gym of Eterna City (the first you’ll come across) is designed to look like a temple, complete with Pokemon statues and fountains to battle against. The Leader’s Pokemon are in Hyper Mode at Level 100! Celadon City’s Pokemon Gym resembles a massive PokeMart and has a Pokemon statue out back rather than inside through the shop area. At Level 90, the Leader’s Pokemon is in Hyper Mode!

The Pokemon Gym of Johto in Goldenrod City has been transformed into something resembling an observatory or even a museum. The Pokemon statues are actual Pokemon with moves like Giga Impact or Roar of Time! At Level 85, the Leader’s Pokemon is in Hyper Mode. Canalave City’s Pokemon Gym resembles a Pokemon Training Center and has Pokemon statues outside in the courtyard area. The Pokemon of the Leader is level 100.

The Pokemon Gym leader of Roshan City (the new name for Saffron City) adheres to the original theme, but employs a Pokemon statue that is nearly identical to the E4 Champion’s Pokemon statue from Johto, albeit with different designs. His Pokemon is Level 95, and each time you defeat him, he becomes more difficult than the last!

-The Pokemon Gym Leader of Mauville City now has Pokemon with an electric theme, and his Pokemon is Level 80. Vermilion City’s Pokemon Gym Leader has Pokemon statues that are either fire or water themed, and his Pokemon is Level 70. Cinnabar Island’s Pokemon Gym Leader employs Pokemon in the same manner as the original Gym Leaders, but this time they have a grass theme, and the Pokemon’s level is 65.

To get to each gym, you’ll need to take a different route: -Route 101 (Littleroot): This is a wide route that leads up to Eterna City. There are some patches of tall grass with trainers hidden within them, ready to battle you! In each of these routes, the Pokemon Gyms are located next to a Pokemon Center, so if you get into trouble, simply walk back to that Pokemon Center! Pokemon Centers also function as Pokemon Banks!

Route 102 (Littleroot):

This route only has a Pokemon Center and a patch of tall grass. The path is short, but it leads to Eterna Forest, which is home to wild Pokemon. You will have to cut your way through thick trees, which may cause certain Pokemon attacks to not affect others, such as Earthquake not hitting Water Pokemon! There are no trainers along this route, but there is an entrance to Mt Coronet near the forest exit; however, Route 207 (which leads up to Mt Coronet) is blocked off by a cave, so you will need Pokemon with Surf/Waterfall to continue.

Route 103 (Littleroot):

This route contains three Pokemon Gyms in close proximity, as well as an entrance to Eterna Forest on the left side at the far end! Trainers are hidden in tall grass patches and will battle you if you get too close. On this route, there is a Pokemon Center next to each Pokemon Gym. There’s also a Pokemon Mart where you can buy Poketch Apps that work alongside your Pokedex, such as Calorie Counter or Calculator apps!

Route 104 (Littleroot) and Route 105 (Oldale Town): Route 104 (Littleroot) and Route 105 (Oldale Town): There are no Pokemon Centers or anything else on this route, but there are two Pokemon Gyms right next to each other! They all have grass-type Pokemon as well as normal-type Pokemon. Once you reach Route 205, you will also see a Pokemon Center in Eterna City!

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There is only one Pokemon Gym here, which is surrounded by tall grass patches similar to those found in Littleroot Town. This time, however, they are holding trainers rather than wild Pokemon! One of these Trainers possesses a Level 70 Kecleon Pokemon and distributes TM 91, which contains Trick Room.

You can not only travel from city to city, but you can also visit different areas within those cities. In Vermilion City, for example, you can visit Pokemon Centers or the Pokemon Mart to purchase items, among other things. You will also be able to access the Pokemon Gym in Vermilion City, but there is an elevator at the end of each Pokemon Center that takes you up!

Changing Locations:

There are new Pokemon Gyms popping up all over Johto and even Kanto (if you have a Pokemon from one of these regions with you), such as having a Level 115 Electivire Pokemon in Vermilion City’s Pokemon Gym or a Level 100 Arcanine Pokemon in Cinnabar Island’s Pokemon Gym. Berries can now be collected along routes, such as Apples, Oranges, Pokemon-aid berries, and so on. You can catch Pokemon the same way you used to, but keep an eye out for Pokemon that are stronger than the Pokemon in your party (make sure you have Pokemon with Pokemon moves that match up against them). – You can visit people’s homes in cities and also the Safari Zone, which is located on Route 108!

You can still collect badges from Pokemon Gyms, but Pokemon Centers now give you access to a PC where you can store Pokemon and withdraw Pokemon if you need to switch Pokemon in the middle of a battle! Certain routes may be blocked by trainers led by Gym Leaders. When you have collected all 8 gym badges in pokmeon gemstone gba download, an additional challenge awaits you at Mt Coronet, which you will need Pokemon with Surf and Waterfall to navigate! There are Pokemon caves along the way, including after obtaining HM08. Dive (which allows Pokemon with it to explore watery areas) is obtained from an Olivine City Pokemon Trainer.

There is an elevator at the back of each Pokemon Center that takes you up one point on the map, so if you go from one Pokemon Center all the way around to another, hitting every Pokemon Center along the way, you will eventually come full circle and end up back where you started. If you want to get right into the action, go straight to Cherrygrove City because Pokemon Gyms are located at either end of Route 30.

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Explaining the pokedex:

The pokedex is a device that trainers use to find Pokemon and their information. Normal Mode and Ancient Mode are the two modes of the pokedex. In normal mode, it displays information about regular Pokemon encounters or captures. Height, weight, what level they are caught at (wild), what level they evolve into/from (tamed), IV spread for each stat type (HP, Atk, Def) ranging from 0-31, catch percent chance, Base Stats, and Pokemon type are all included (this only works with Pokemon that have been seen in the wild). Pokemon levels are determined by the level of the Pokemon trainer. The pokedex will also display Pokemon moves by displaying their animation as well as the type of move, whether it’s a physical or special attack like Fire Blast or Thunderbolt.

If you click on a Pokemon’s name, the Pokedex will display status screens for the Pokemon that show: if any moves learned are TMs/HMs, what they do, if any moves known are Egg Moves, what level they were learned at, and how many EXP points are required before it learns another one. It can also show if a Pokemon has HA/Drives, EV Spreads, if you’ve caught this Pokemon before, and the Pokemon’s origin, which is the Pokemon game from which the Pokemon is from. Whether or not the Pokemon you’ve captured has been added to the Pokemon League Pokedex (this only applies if you have Pokemon Black 2).

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When you click on a Pokemon’s type, it reveals its weaknesses. It also displays information for each individual stat, such as known attacks and defences. When you click on a Pokemon’s appearance, it will display their stats in detail, including the minimum, maximum, and average of each individual stat, such as HP, Atk, Def, SpA, and SpD. The pokedex can also evaluate your Pokemon by comparing its stats to those of other Pokemon of the same level.