Pokemon God of Arena

Pokemon God of Arena

Download Patched Pokemon God of Arena GBA Rom

  • Creator: CekuiR
  • Version: v1.82
  • Hack of: Crystal
  • Updated: October 2, 2018

Pokemon God of Arena is a GBC Rom Hack based on Pokemon Crystal that improves the battle system in the game.

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This is a simple hack that improves the game’s battle system. You start with one Eevee, which is also your only Pokemon. Don’t forget to replenish your Pokemon stock at the Pokemon Center.

There is no story; all you have to do is try your hardest to win as many games as possible in the arena. When you win, you gain rank points; when you lose, you lose rank points. In addition, the game difficulty is determined by your rank. According to the current Wi-Fi battling rules, you can only use three different Pokemon in battle, each with a different held item. Simply open the TM/HM menu to learn moves. Every one of the 250 moves is available and unlimited.

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