Pokemon Golden Sun

Pokemon Golden Sun

Pokemon Golden Sun is one of the best pokemon fire red rom hacks created by Ealgrete and available in English. The game is entirely GBA-based, which is great news for GBA fans. Download Pokemon Golden Sun for free from pokemonlog, which offers working download links for all types of pokemon rom hacks. The entire game plot is designed and developed in the Johto and Kanto regions.

Some new pokemon and features are available, making the game stand out from any other Fire Red pokemon rom hack. Remember that the main character aspires to be the best Pokemon trainer in this region. Several new adventures and puzzles await you in the game, making it more complex and unique. Let’s move on and find out what some of the game’s unique features are that make it so popular in the GBA Games category.

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Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Golden Sun
  • Platform: GBA
  • A remake of: Fire Red
  • Remake By: Ealgrete
  • Status: Complete

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Golden Sun GBA ROM:

As the game begins, the player will be able to move in either of the two regions known as Johto or Kanto. If you select a male character, you must travel to the Johto region; if you select a female character, you must travel to the Kanto region. After you’ve decided on a gender, the next step is to explore the interiors of these areas, such as forests like Pokemon Wonder Guard Download. The Professor from the Elite Four can be found there. Remember that he is not Professor Oak; he is someone else who will advise you on your next steps. Following your first meeting with Professor, you are given the option of selecting any Starter pokemon from the following three names: Budew, Tropius, and Bulbasaur. You can choose any of them and proceed to the next set of missions and tasks.

Moving forward, you must enter the league as soon as possible and earn all six badges in order to remain on the list of successful candidates. Tropevil is an evil organisation that is attempting to capture a special pokemon in this hidden area. You must put a stop to them before they find that pokemon. Stopping them necessitates several battles and fights with them. Download the Pokemon Gold Beta ROM as well.

But first, make up your mind that you’ll need some special pokemon who can rely on you in battle. Choose and capture various pokemon in the region so that you have a variety of options available during the battle. When choosing a pokemon for a fight, pay attention to its details. The more powerful the pokemon, the easier it will be to defeat your opponents with them.

After Getting Starter what to do?

After obtaining the starter pokemon from the professor, you must proceed to the mango town, where your friend resides. Remember that he is an old friend of yours, and you must find him in any case. You will receive a lot of new items from your old friend after meeting him. He will also give you some advice on how to deal with your opponents and evil teams, which will help you succeed in the league. Certain features can help you progress to the final stage of the game.

Travel from one region to another in the golden islands to collect nearly all of the badges in the area. Collecting badges will allow you to easily enter the league. You will be unable to enter the leagues if you do not have enough badges. As a result, you must ensure that you collect all of the badges before your opponents do. You will encounter several obstacles and puzzles along the way. The obstacles are that you must face the evil team and fight them right away. Make sure you have the best collection of pokemon on the list in order to defeat them.

About Battle System:

The Battle System has been greatly improved, and some new animation effects have been added. As in Pokemon Eruption Version, make sure you have a good collection of pokemon so that you can defeat all of your opponent’s members. There is an incredible music system for battle, and the animations are out of this world. All of your opponents have powerful forces and Pokemon that can test your resolve. Collect and 6 badges to increase your battle strength; you will notice some differences from the beginning stages.

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Golden Sun GBA Download ROM:

  • New area and plot.
  • Johto for male and Kanto for females.
  • Mango town, where your old friend lives.
  • Choose from three starters (Budew, Tropius and Bulbasuar).
  • Collect all the 6 Badges.
  • Enter the league while collecting all the 6 Badges.
  • Run indoors.
  • Having nice graphics
  • Enhanced Gameplay.


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