Pokemon GS Chronicles

Pokemon GS Chronicles

Download Patched Pokemon GS Chronicles GBA Rom

  • Creator: ~Ruki!
  • Version: Beta 2.6 Build 2101242_16
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: January 24, 2021

Pokemon GS Chronicles is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon FireRed. It has a New Story, Mega Evolution, Day and Night System, Time-based Wild Pokemon & Much More!

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Professor Elm has been busy with several new discoveries, including the legend of the miraculous stones that did raise the level of the Pokémon. As a result, he relies on two of his assistants, Ethan/Kris and [Player], to deal with the operation of these, giving them a Pokémon in exchange. A mysterious red-haired man steals a Pokemon in your laboratory after you send [Player] to pick up a package with Mr. Pokemon. Ethan/Kris [Player], who received a Pokedex from Prof. Oak, will now travel around the Johto region to complete the Pokedex and discover who that redhead boy was and why he stole the Pokemon.



  • A new storyline
  • Maps based off HGSS ones
  • Mega Evolution (not available yet)
  • Day and Night system and day/time-based events
  • Time-base wild Pokemon
  • Original sountrack ripped from HGSS
  • Physical/Special split
  • New Pokedex with some Gen 4-6 Pokemon
  • Introducing PokeRides, items that replace HMs
  • Some new Gen 4-8 Moves included
  • Type chart updated
  • New puzzles for some areas
  • New locations in Johto and Kanto
  • Updated Pokemon cries to match Gen 7/8 ones
  • Daily Wondertrade with in-game trainers
  • Move tutors in every PC


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