Pokemon Hunters of the Ancients

Pokemon Hunters of the Ancients

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Hunters of the Ancients GBA Rom

  • Creator: SacredMurathJohn
  • Version: Beta 0.3
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon Hunters of the Ancients is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by SacredMurathJohn based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. And It is now available to download. 

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You, a regular trainer who has only recently entered the world of Pokemon. You simply want to use your Pokemon as companions. Well, your life has changed since the day you saw a Team Rocket recruiting announcement. You’ve decided to join this legendary evil team after much deliberation. You also know that there are eight artefacts scattered throughout Kanto, and when they come together, an incredible source of energy appears, causing a legendary Pokemon to appear. So, from now on, your mission is to collect all eight artefacts. Don’t expect it to be an easy mission. You’ll have to deal with a slew of foes, ranging from the International Pokemon Agency to Kanto Police, Team Magma to those out to get you. Do you believe you can resurrect Team Rocket’s fame? Think you can become a really bad Pokemon trainer with Team Rocket’s help? Play this game to find out for yourself.


  • The assaults from Team Rocket become more serious now.
  • Day/Night system.
  • The Kanto region is re-designed (this time it will takes place five years later from Red’s journey).
  • New areas to explore.
  • There are no badges. The artifacts instead.
  • You can have many items by gambling with money.
  • Trick house in Cerulean Team Rocket Base.



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