Pokemon Mega Evolution 2

Pokemon Mega Evolution 2

Pokemon Mega Evolution 2 is an intriguing game that is being remade by Deepak Maneshwer, also known as VictiniD. He remade the game from the original pokemon games’ fire red version with a lot of love and hard work. Speaking of the Pokemon Mega Evolution 2 New Download version, you can get it from gbahaven, one of the special websites for downloading all kinds of new pokemon games.

New characters and Pokemon have been added, making the gameplay very appealing to all types of gamers. Perhaps you’ve played the original Fire Red version, as well as all the other hacks that are quite interesting, and all the developers have worked hard to create an insane piece of game. Let us now look at some of the unique features available in the most recent version of the Mega Evolution game.

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Complete File Info of the Game:

  • Name: Pokemon Mega Evolution 2
  • Version: 2nd
  • Remade by: Deepak Maneshwer
  • Remade of: Pokemon Fire Red
  • Forms: Alola Forms

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Mega Evolution 2 Download GBA:

You may have downloaded various types of Pokemon Fire Red remakes and completed all of the missions. However, you must try this one because it features a new crew and a plethora of new pokemon to catch and own. Play with your own strategy, which is a unique feature of the game that distinguishes it from all other pokemon rom hacks of fire red versions. While downloading and installing the game, make sure you understand the gameplay because it is not like the older versions of Fire Red where you play the game in one rhythem and complete the missions in one row. Just make sure you can catch all of the pokemon that are required in the Alola region.

All the updated Pokemon Icons and Sprites, now you can experience a brand new look of all the available pokemon in the game, making the gameplay more interesting than previous versions of fire red like Pokemon Legends ROM Download. In addition, to get the full effect of the game, we can now turn on the day and night effects, which may be necessary in some conditions and may cause the gameplay to differ from previous versions. Some new pokemon are only available in the night mode, and you can only catch them there. As a result, the day and night system is an important update in this game.

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Plot of the Game:

When it comes to the plot, you may be wondering what new regions and forms have been added to make the game stand out among all the previous remakes of Pokemon Fire Red. In previous games, we’ve seen several new regions that are fun to explore and find different kinds of creatures among the forms, etc. Catching different Pokemon for ourselves allows us to have a stronger team than our rivals and enemies, who are always ready for a fight. In this game, you’ll quickly discover regions as well as forms in the shape of alola forms, similar to Pokemon Monster Carnival Download. All 807 different types of pokemon are available in forms, making the game more interesting for you to complete and explore unexplored areas, as well as fight with your enemies easily.

About Mega Evolutions and Attacks:

There are some new mega evolutions in the game, and you can try some of them right away to get a feel for what it’s like to be a pro pokemon gamer. When you cover various types of problems in the area and solve them easily, you can apply some evolutions to the pokemon you’ve caught in the game. New attacks of the fourth and fifth generations are now available in the game, and they can be used whenever you encounter a group of pokemon in the list. The Pokeballs have been updated to the latest version and can be used whenever you need to attach enemies and train all of the pokemon characters on your list.

You might be surprised by the inclusion of the Fairy type, as this is one of the most interesting updates I’ve seen in this game. Fairy type is now available and can be accessed at the appropriate time. Some new pokemon can pass the to be tested with the Fairy type effect, making this feature stand out among all the hidden features available in this game, which is why I have recommended it to you.

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List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Mega Evolution 2 GBA Download:

  • New Day and Night System.
  • About 807 new pokemon are present.
  • Menu Start Box changed.
  • Dialog Text Box changed.
  • Pokémon B / W Menu Background.
  • The Alola Forms are updated.
  • Division of categories Physical, Special and State of the attacks.
  • New attack and defense modes are present.
  • Battle Text Box changed.
  • New okémon Selection Menu.
  • Evolutionary stones and objects are present.
  • HP Bars canb be change and Survival to poison.
  • New Pokémon Summary Screen



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