Pokemon Molten Emerald Reborn

Pokemon Molten Emerald Reborn

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Molten Emerald Reborn GBA Rom

  • Creator: Ex_Snagem_Wes
  • Version: Final
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: December 31, 2018

Pokemon Molten Emerald Reborn is a quality-of-life improvement hack based on Pokemon Emerald. It comes with new starters, increased difficulty, new regional variants & much more!

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  • All fully evolved Pokemon other than pseudo-legendaries and Slaking will have a BST of 600
  • New starter choices- Misdreavus, Pawniard, and Croagunk
  • Increased difficulty curve
  • Improved movepools
  • Modified “bad/repetitive” shinies
  • Drastically increased shiny ratio
  • Reusable TMs
  • Different TMs (Dragon Dance, Cross Chop, Magnitude, Meteor Mash, etc)
  • Many, many modified evolutionary families
  • Changed typings
  • Decapitilization
  • New regional variants (Eelektrik/oss, Flygon, Eevee)
  • Physical/Special Split
  • 2 New Types- Beast and Cosmic
  • Fairy Type
  • New moves
  • Deoxys forms are interchangeable through stone-based evolutions

Also, be sure to try out Pokemon Moon Emerald


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