Pokemon Paradox Platinum

Pokemon Paradox Platinum

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Paradox Platinum NDS Rom

  • Creator: gabrielmr
  • Version: Alpha 1.1
  • Hack of: Platinum
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon Paradox Platinum is an NDS Rom Hack by gabrielmr based on Pokemon Platinum in English. And It is now available to download.

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The Same Story as the Original Pokemon Platinum but with Fusion Pokemon!


  • Day/Night system.
  • The EXP point system has been added.
  • New gameplot.
  • Copy trainer name
  • thethethe’s, Lu-oH, Zel, Serg!o, Xiros, Mastermind_X, for they begin the hacking pokémon and to all the creators of tools.


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