Pokemon Peridot

Pokemon Peridot

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Peridot Rom

  • Creator: Sea Tree
  • Version: v1.18
  • Hack of: Crystal
  • Updated: January 19, 2023

Pokemon Peridot is a GBC ROM Hack by Sea Tree based on Pokemon Crystal in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on January 19, 2023.


Pokemon Peridot takes place in a new, yet-unnamed, region and this first demo will take the player up to the fourth gym. The story is going to be contained within small sidequests that are not necessary to progress within the game. The ones featured in this demo revolve around a group of burglars who have been stealing items.

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  • A brand-new region to explore
  • Previously unused Pokemon from various points in Gold & Silver’s development
  • Two rivals
  • Gyms can be completed out of order
  • Move Tutors are scattered around the maps
  • Every starter will be available through in-game trades
  • Gyms cannot be exited until the player beats the leader or whites out
  • No physical/special split
  • Dark was changed to be a physical type, and Ghost special
  • Added Fairy-type
  • Some modern moves
  • Movepools and stats updated to reflect modern generations.
  • Trade evolutions changed (max happiness or level-up + item)
  • Reusable TMs
  • Updated PC and Battle UI
  • Mystery Gift NPC that will give the player 3 items per day



  • 2 additional gyms.
  • Original sprites for both player genders. Changed pack graphics as well.
  • New hidden puzzle chambers around the overworld containing puzzles and more.
  • An NPC will now offer to revive fossils when the player reaches a certain point in the game.
  • A Move Reminder was added, taking a Brick Piece per move relearned.
  • Headbutt trees now have a chance to drop items. (Encounter rate has been lessened)
  • Remove link compatibility with official Gen 2 games.
  • Updated some learnsets, including level-up moves, egg moves, and TM/Tutor compatibilities.
  • Some new room decorations.
  • Arbok has received a new front sprite with a unique hood pattern.

Mechanic Changes

  • The Mystery Gift NPC requires saving before the player receives any items. The player can no longer save scum for rare items.
  • Paralysis halves speed, in line with modern generations.
    Adjusted some of the requirements for existing tutors.

Bug Fixes

  • Hyper Beam now properly skips the recharge turn if the user successfully KO’s an opposing Pokemon.
  • The running animation will be properly disabled while inside a building or dungeon.
  • Some miscellaneous text errors.
  • The Dragon Fang and Hard Stone now boost Dragon and Rock moves, respectively, by 30%.
  • Fix inconsistent background music on certain maps.
  • Switches in the Hepatica Gym will now remain active once flipped and now play a sound effect.

Known Issues

  • Currently, the player is not allowed to exit from the NPC Teleport screen. Allowing it provides buggy results.
  • Hint text in one of the Unown chambers is awkward.


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