Pokemon Platinum Plus

Pokemon Platinum Plus

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Platinum Plus NDS Rom

  • Creator: Jes+
  • Version: Completed v27
  • Hack of: Platinum
  • Updated: ???
  • Language: Spanish

Pokemon Platinum Plus is an NDS Rom Hack by Jes+ based on Pokemon Platinum in Spanish. And It is now available to download.

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This is an improvement over Pokémon Platinum, a project I worked on previously but didn’t have much structure. Using the foundation of my previous Platinum project, I cleaned up a few areas that needed work and added a couple of newer features that make the game much more accessible. The download includes a set of detailed documents that will inform you of any in-game changes. ~Jes+


  • New history
  • Day/Night System.
  • Repels from Black 2/White 2.
  • Many new moves and abilities from Gen I to Gen VI are added, especially Gen I to Gen III are re-adjusted to match the later generations.
  • New pallettes, sprites.


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