Pokemon Red Ignited

Pokemon Red Ignited

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Red Ignited GBA Rom

  • Creator: AnthonJohn
  • Version: Beta
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon Red Ignited is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by AnthonJohn based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. And It is now available to download.

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Hello and welcome to the world of Pokemon! Finally, you have a Pokémon Trainer licence. Now is your chance to become the best Pokemon trainer in the world. You will have everything you need to collect 150 Pokémon in this fantastic world. Pikachu is an incredibly cute monster that you can capture and train. It takes the place of Blastoise’s torrential rain. Standing firm in the face of Pidgeot’s storm. Deal with your friends while keeping an eye on your Pokémon’s evolution. IMPORTANT: No Pokemon can ever win. Can you defeat the eight gymnasts and devise the ultimate Pokemon strategy in order to become the greatest Pokémon Master of all time? The game began with first-generation competition fixes. A few years ago, a few articles on the Smogon website, The Smog, produced an intriguing article on how Transition and Pokemon would transform RBY into the Gen 5 era. We’ve been playing competitive RBYs for the last decade, and with the discovery of the recently discovered Mechanic (Stage 2, no one? ), we’ve completely lost our eyesight or have not felt this concept vividly for so long. Franchise Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first generation Pokémon game! Red and Blue DX are new updates for the original Pokémon games, and this new feature breathes new life into this classic. More information can be found in the Credits section.


  • Increase the difficulty! – This game is not just walking in the park.
  • New Evolution! Mega evolutions have been added for some Pokemon (some even do not currently exist)
  • Gorse! Every city with a gym has a hallmark to challenge. These help raise the level of difficult gyms and provide several rewards.
  • Pokémon roaming! Pokémon wandering around the world emerged! Be careful, some may hurt your mind, others may attack.
  • All non-level-based evolutions have been changed at the base level and the movement tool has been reorganized to avoid unknown movements due to changes in evolution type.
  • New territory! There are some new areas and more areas. Each area has its own characters, challenges and Pokemon, as well as the requirements for manipulation work.
  • Update all roots and trainers to get 3rd generation Pokémon (and some 4th generation).
  • KIND OF FAIRIES! We add the fairy type to the game and add the fairy to the game.
  • Starter Pokemon has been changed to Dratini, Bagon and Larvitar.
  • A new Pokemon is added to the game (not mega). Rilou and Luca are currently the only two.



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