Pokemon Septo Conquest

Pokemon Septo Conquest

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Septo Conquest GBA Rom

  • Creator: Magneto20, Andyp159
  • Version: v3.1
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: February 25, 2017

Pokemon Septo Conquest is GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Fire Red.

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The King of Septo was assassinated one year ago, and his kingdom was stolen from him by two people known as The Dictators. Prof. Oak, the King’s chief researcher, was able to rescue the King’s only child and transport him/her to his hometown of Faris Town.

Now living with an alcoholic foster mother, you, the King’s only child and true heir to the Septo Region’s throne, must reclaim the region. You begin your own quest after Oak gives you a Pokemon. The goal is to depose the seven Barons (Dictator’s minions), each of whom rules one island. You’ll be able to conquer the island and get closer to the showdown with the two Dictators if you do so.

But there’s more to it than that. You will also be pitted against two opposing forces: Team Vine and Team Solar. Team Vine is a group of eco-warriors who fight to save nature in nefarious ways, while Team Solar is a gang of thieves who steal, pillage, and kidnap people and Pokemon alike.

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  • A whole new region to explore
  • 3 Starters: Machop, Drowzee and Skarmory
  • A host of new characters
  • Lots of humour
  • All 386 Pokemon from the GBA games
  • No Gym Challenge but Barons battles instead

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The Septo Region

The region of Septo is divided into seven main islands, with a smaller mini-island to the west. Here’s a short description of each:

  • 1st Island: The island you begin the game in. It’s a foresty island with lots of twisting mazes
  • 2nd Island: This is a muddy barren island with only one town. Lots of rocks and caves.
  • 3rd Island: It’s a tropical beach island. It’s the smallest of the main seven islands.
  • 4th Island: This island is mostly made up of open fields. Has many thugs running about.
  • 5th Island: A very misty island where visibility is really low.
  • 6th Island: This is the biggest of the main seven islands. It’s constantly raining and several places are flooded.
  • 7th Island: Made up of mountains and is very sunny. Lots of hikers around.

The mini-island can only be accessed after completing all seven islands. The final bosses are on this little island.

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Magneto20, Andyp159