Pokemon The Strongest Pure White

Pokemon The Strongest Pure White

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon The Strongest Pure White GBA Rom

  • Creator: Panda Face
  • Version: Completed v5.0
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon The Strongest Pure White is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by Panda Face based on Pokemon Emerald Codebase/Engine in Chinese. And It is now available to download.

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The western side has an ocean, a beach, and a big town; the middle has a forest, grass, a short mountain, and a river; and the eastern side has a big mountain, a dead volcano, and a desert.

You have been invited to an international Pokemon tournament with seven different leagues. The prize for the strongest trainer is substantial, and only one will be chosen. Well, now is your chance to shine because you’ve been training for far too long. Do you think you’ll be the strongest? Do you believe you can beat anyone to a deserving reward? Let’s get started! If you underestimate your opponents, you will pay the most expensive price.



  • Added battle background of Diamond/Pearl.
  • Added trainers from Diamond/Pearl.
  • Physical/Special Split.
  • The TMs can be used infinitively.
  • There are 150 new moves.
  • New abilities from Gen IV – V with items.
  • Eggs can be hatched at lv 1.
  • Repel system from Black 2/White 2.
  • Get exp for catching a Pokemon.
  • Fairy type is added.
  • Can run inside buildings and houses.
  • Day/Night.
  • HMs are now deletable.
  • Icons from Gen VI.
  • And much more.



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Panda Face